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Renault minute offers you attention with or without an appointment and provides a prompt and efficient service for all fast fit jobs. Renault minute operators are trained to focus on the following jobs and each time work is carried out on your vehicle, the operator will complete a 25 Point Safety Check.

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Toyota Servicing

Your vehicle represents a significant investment, and taking an active role in maintaining your vehicle will help you protect this investment.

Proper maintenance will help extend the life of your Toyota and preserve its value. In addition to helping you avoid costly repairs down the road, regular maintenance will optimise your Toyota's performance, safety and fuel efficiency.

To ensure that your vehicle receives first-quality service and factory-authorised parts, Toyota recommends having maintenance performed by an authorized Toyota Dealership such as Gerry Hill Cars Aberdare. Toyota Dealership technicians are trained experts in the maintenance and repair of Toyota vehicles. Many are certified through the Toyota Certification Program, which requires completion of Toyota's specialized, state-of-the-art training as well as rigorous exams.

Renault Parts

Quality – a matter of safety and value

The quality of materials guarantees the durability of longevity of Original Renault Parts. Tests are performed on each part to ensure that it meets Renault’s high standard in geometry, elasticity limits, breaking strains and resistance to knocks and temperature effects.

Safety – a constant concern

Renault uses all its know how to improve the safety of its vehicles. Thousands of tests are undertaken to give its parts better performance, durability and flexibility. We have for example increased the surface area of the windscreen and enhanced the headlight range to improve visibility.

Renault clean vehicles – we care about the environment

Over 90% of the weight of original parts of vehicles specific to Renault can be recycled thanks to a more systematic use of recycled or recyclable materials. We also concentrate all our efforts on reducing the harmful effects cars have on the environment by reducing emissions and noise pollution.

Innovation at the forefront of technology

Renault registers about 700 patents every year, which demonstrates its desire for innovation that advance the pleasure and safety of the driving experience. Each bodywork part plays a major role in vehicle reliability. The Renault industrial process is at the very forefront of technology and is subject to continuous technological checks during manufacture.

Unique design

Renault puts design high in its list of priorities. Renault’s genuine parts fit perfectly to your Renault which ensures that the original design of the vehicle can be maintained without disturbing its aesthetics.

Toyota Parts

Stick with the kind of parts your Toyota was built with — Genuine Toyota Parts!

Genuine Toyota Parts are manufactured specifically for your year and model Toyota. They’re just like the parts your vehicle was built with, so they’re the best choice in terms of fit, performance, and overall quality. Why you should choose Genuine Toyota Parts:-

Air Filters

Air filters are designed to trap dirt and contaminants before they reach your engine where they can cause engine wear and reduced performance. Genuine Toyota Air Filters are engineered specifically for your Toyota to provide exceptional filtering efficiency, engine performance and noise-dampening capabilities. Features of Genuine Toyota Air Filters include:

  • Needle-punch construction and triple-layer filtering, which give Genuine Toyota Air Filters their superior ability to trap and retain dirt and dust.
  • Polyurethane resin frames, which make for a better fit, helping seal out dirt and reduce vibration noise.

Only Genuine Toyota Brake Pads are designed and engineered by Toyota specifically for your Toyota vehicle.

  • Genuine Toyota Brake Pads are manufactured with materials designed specifically to maintain the dynamics engineered in Toyota's braking systems.
  • Backing plates of Genuine Toyota Brake Pads are precision-machined to allow brake pads to move freely within the calipers for smooth and efficient operation.
Motor Oil

To maintain the quality of your Toyota, use the motor oil that is formulated specifically for your vehicle — Genuine Toyota Motor Oil. Genuine Toyota Motor Oil is a special combination of lube base stocks and a special additive package that provides your engine with optimum performance. The benefits of using Genuine Toyota Motor Oil are:

  • Available in 5W-30, 10W-30 and 10W-40 grades.
  • Formulated to help protect Toyota metal and gasket surfaces from corrosion with a film of oil.
  • Four-point depressants maintain fluidity in cold climate conditions.
  • Viscosity index improvers stabilize viscosity levels over a range of operating temperatures.
  • Defoamants maintain proper application of oil on cylinder walls.
  • Oxidation inhibitors resist creation of oxidants which increase viscosity levels and decrease fluidity.
  • All grades meet API standard specifications.
Oil Filters

Oil filters help protect your engine by trapping dirt and other contaminants while allowing the oil to flow to the engine.

Genuine Toyota Oil Filters are designed specifically for your Toyota engine. Features of the Genuine Toyota Oil Filters include:

  • A bypass valve, which alleviates restricted oil flow in the event of a clogged filter.
  • An anti-drainback valve, which prevents oil from draining out of the engine and into the oil pan, helping to protect your engine from increased wear during cold starts.
  • A filter element which effectively filters contaminants and maintains the engine's lubrication capability during the maintenance interval. By comparison, a lesser quality filter element might clog during Toyota's recommended maintenance interval leading to engine wear, seizure or other problems. Some non-genuine oil filters do not meet all of Toyota's stringent specifications
Toyota recommends changing your oil filter and motor oil every 5,000 miles or 6 months.

When it's Time for an Oil Change, always ask for a Genuine Toyota Oil Filter.

Bodyshop Services

Because you never know what’s around the corner, our bodyshop is on hand for those repairs we hope you never experience.

At Gerry Hill Car Sales Aberdare our bodyshop has the latest and most sophisticated of spray bake ovens, with integrated blowers for the fastest possible drying of today's latest water based paints. When your car comes to us you can rest assured that each and every paint job we do, is as environmentally friendly as we can possibly make it.

The latest addition to our paint shop is a new Standox "water based" paint mixing scheme. This is the only paint approved and recommended by Toyota, for your Toyota. Paint can also be mixed for any make and model of car by our highly trained staff.

Our bodyshop also has the latest alignment jigs, MIG's and Spot Welders. We can accommodate light jobs such as scratches (smart repair), supermarket car park trolley dents, etc. Our staff are also highly trained in repairing heavy front, side and rear end damage. Plastic repairs are also a speciality of ours.

Make the right choice for your accident repairs. Insurance companies direct policyholders vehicles into their "approved" repairers. A network of repairers that they have chosen. This enables them to keep their own costs down. They also dictate the level of service and Quality of repair you the customer receive. Does controlling their cost mean repairing your vehicle cheaply?

Non original or pattern parts are used frequently. These may not fit correctly. They are sometimes provided without the correct surface or corrosion protection. Using non original parts will invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty. Why compromise the integrity and quality of your vehicle and repairs?

It has been agreed with Office of Fair Trading and The British Board Of Motor Insurers that as a Motor Vehicle insurance policy holder you have the right to choose the repairer you wish to carry out the repairs on your vehicle regardless of the insurance companies advice. You are not obliged to only use their approved repairer.


  • You have the right to choose who carries out the repair to your Toyota.
  • In most cases you only need to get one estimate
So why not call in and let our experienced estimators give you a "happy" quote. You get all the professionalism and expertise without the main dealership price.

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